MCServer r174
(03-08-2011, 07:52 AM)Tim Wrote: you happen to have like a model monsters.ini file? i have no idea what it needs to have in it haha Smile...

Everything that can be set in monster.ini is already set so under spider you can set those attributes and under chicken you can set its attributes.
AttackRange=5.0 <--Set this based on from how far away you want the monster
                              to be able to attack from
AttackRate=1  <--This is a multiplier for the base attack rate of the monster.  
                          setting this higher means the monster attacks more frequently
AttackDamage=1.0  <-- This is the amount of damage the monster will do per
                                   per attack
SightDistance=25.0  <--Setting this determines from how far away the monster
                                  can "see you" so with the spider for example it will start
                                  chasing you if you are less then or equal to this distance
                                  away from it.  The chicken will use this to determine how
                                  far away from you it needs to be before it thinks it has
                                  escaped from you.

SightDistance=25.0  <--The only setting that effects the chicken see the description
                                   of the spider's SightDistance attribute above.

Makes sense? Also note in your settings.ini that there is a category under monsters where it lists the chicken and the spider. If you wanted to, for example, prevent the server from loading the config values for the chicken and just use its default attributes you could remove the chicken entry from there.
Types=Spider <-- This means that chicken will get default attributes no matter
                          what is in the monsters.ini file

I was also thinking of adding the ability to set the monster's personality type in monsters.ini too (its currently hard coded with the chicken being passive and the spider being aggressive) so keep an eye out for that in future releases.
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ah, sweet, thanks for going over that Smile in view of me making an rpg server i would like to see more on mobs Smile what would be amazing is if you could spawn npcs with script and set the personality individually :p and maybe make them able to do certain player actions like walking Wink but obviously that wouldnt happen for a while yet, just a thought :p excellent job with the npcs and everything in this release though! well worth the wait Smile
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NICE, id donate if my pockets werenot empty =/
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I'll get this installed ASAPBig Grin
HahaBig Grin

I tried to get the r174 linux build runningTongue

It segfaults every time a user tries to connect >.<

PHP Code:
[ connected!
[10:06:47] New ClientHandle
Segmentation fault 

Kind of makes running a server unusableTongue

I'll install a local copy and try it out in windows and hopefully this will be fixed in r175 Smile

Thanks for all your work on this, spidersBig Grin
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ooer, double check all your settings and stuff? Smile my 32bit server has been up and running fine for about 24hours straight
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awesome work. one thing, you say that "On hit dig blocks fixed (TNT, flowers, etc. )". snow blocks still come back Sad
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(03-09-2011, 12:35 AM)Tim Wrote: ooer, double check all your settings and stuff? Smile my 32bit server has been up and running fine for about 24hours straight

I run a 64 bit OS with 32 bit libs installed.

Is it a Linux build you're running? The windows one runs fine.
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yeah but being myself i was vague in my description as usual :p i run 32bit ubuntu 10.04
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yeh I run Gentoo 64 myself and I get a weird seg fault whenever a monster kills a player but only if a reference of the monster is passed to the player when it happens. If, lets say, the monster kills the player and a reference to the player is passed to the player then the server is fine (its just that then the player is notified that he is killed by himself).

When I have some time and Im feeling a bit masochistic I might connect a debugger and try to figure out whyTongue.

Point being yeh for some reason *nix 64 has some problem with our code.
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WOOT just got my last 2 i7 Extream for meh server!!!
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