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This plugin is old. The same functionality is in WorldEdit

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I updated kwen's Jumpto plugin.
you can now use your compass to teleport somewhere.

/jumpto - Toggles wether rightclick teleports you or not.

in your main.lua
  • if Showmessage = true then you get a message with: Teleported to (X Y Z)
  • if ShowConsoleMessage = true you get a message in the console when someone teleports using Jumpto
  • if Activateonlogin = true you can automaticly (if you have the permission) use it without using /jumpto

  • none


v1) Initial release
v2) fixed teleporting to X:0 - Y:0 - Z:0
v3) fixed teleporting to the edge of a block
v4) added a message if you are not looking at something or if it is too far
v5) added a new config option. you can get console messages when someone uses jumpto to teleport somewhere.
v6) added /jumpto, it toggles wether teleport on right click or not. you can configure if you want the teleport function on on start.
v7) Fixed bug "you can't teleport below a block."

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What hook are you using for the rightclick? If it has a BlockFace parameter, you can use that to eliminate the second bug - if the BlockFace is less than zero, don't teleport at all.
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i tried
     if (BlockFace == -1) then
		return false;
but then it only jumps when i am close enough so i have the hitbox of the block.

yay i got it fixed. i now have
if Y == 0 then
    return true

got another fix Smile
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got some new versions now, but i found a bug propably in the API.
if you click the server says you click twice. becouse of that you see the message in the console (v5) 2 times and sometimes you teleport too far.
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New update. you can find the changes in the changelog.
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It's not a bug, it's a "feature" of the client / protocol. The client sends two packets, one with regular click and the other with a "use item" meaning, for some items. Read the protocol spec for exact details of this.
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is there a way to only make it use one of the 2 packets?
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You need to look at the packets in your plugin and decide whether to use it or not. You'll need to find out how the packet you want is different from the packet you don't want, and then build your plugin around that - ignore the one you don't want.

MCServer should not do anything about that, because some other plugin may want the other packet, and a third plugin may want both. So MCServer will not filter anything.
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fixed bug
  • you can't teleport below a block.
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oops uploaded wrong version. please redownloadTongue
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