Anyone interested in a team effort?
Its not free if you're the one that has to pick up the all the bills for electric and stuff lol,

also the whole list could be possible through a plugin with some clever scripting, just not as good as they would be if supported by the server. Smile
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(04-04-2011, 02:32 PM)distroyed123 Wrote:
(04-04-2011, 07:23 AM)Tim Wrote: Or you could quit trolling every topic i write with negativity and understand what im saying:
I purchase a dedicated server (which costs real money, not monopoly money or minecraft money)
I give you YOUR OWN MCServer on there
I give you FTP access to the server with a control panel for stopping and starting

Hope that clears any controversy. Dodgy
dont need to purchase anything. use your own server its free

(04-04-2011, 08:46 AM)Revolucas Wrote:
(04-04-2011, 02:44 AM)distroyed123 Wrote: not going to happen, because it is not implemented in the server, and would be pointless, just likethe Rail tracks.

Name one thing specific? You just blurt it out negatively. Redstone? It can be placed server side... I've tested it. Try it yourself if you don't believe me. Just override the default behavior by returning true after adding a redstone block when the player uses the redstone dust item. It updates on all the clients and stays there after a server reset. It even connects correctly by itself. You can fake the redstone effect in many different ways. Hit a switch and it follows each block to the output checking if the meta data is correct. Looping through until it stops at something it can activate. It's better then nothing.

Rail isn't really pointless. Maybe someone actually wants to use it for aethstetic reasons. If he added more API I would have coded the physics for the cart if I had to.

Just because something doesn't work doesn't mean he hasn't made it available in the API yet. You think you can't fix the torch problem because there is some magical issue where it doesn't update on the server? Or can't make water turn lava to obsidian? Gimme a break. All that is possible in one way or another through the API.
many things are NOT implemented in the server, said so by Truth himself. Everything has to be re-coded and re implemented in his server. meaning carts have to be added through the server meaning you need the Source code to be able to implement it. and i highly dought hell give it to anyone, its a self project. and compleatly re-writing something from Java to C++ is not the easiest thing, ive done something like so myself. like the Rail tracks there is a plug in telling them which way to point/connect. carts will not work even if you tried making a plugin for the BECAUSE there is no hook for the function because it does not exist in the C++ server. so it will only be a Look.

Where the hell do you see carts in that list? You said all of it was impossible because it isn't implemented on the sever. Are you not reading what I said or the list? I said if he DID implement more hooks I would have coded the physics for the carts myself if I had to. So again ask, anything specific? Instead of ranting about nothing that has to do with this topic or anything I said. How about some constructive criticism at least? Personally I think I'm just going to walk away from this for awhile until a more mature fan base appears.
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Well said RevolucusTongue I haven't been doing a lot of coding lately, gonna give the server a bit of time to get more functionality and stuff, sticking around on the forums and stuff though so I can make sure this project doesnt just disappear from the interwebs like so many others have :/
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If anyone is still interested in working on this, I would be happy to join them, I'm starting to work on this kind of thing myself, (Ignore the plugin I posted in the plugin section, that was merely what I started out playing around with, and most is just modified from the cuboid plugin) and frankly even though I'm not a fan of Lua, I'd rather spend my time fixing oversights using Lua rather than Java. My preferred medium is most certainly C++ though.
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Bump for open source!Big Grin
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