Portal v2
Original plugin Portal v1 was created by Taugeshtu.


This plugin will allow you to set the positions where you want a portal, and how big it should be. It can be used for local world teleportation, or world to world teleportation.


[Image: X6AVgPS.png]
[Image: uSMLtkZ.png]
[Image: 2015-10-11_03.23.11.png]
[Image: 2015-10-11_03.23.29.png]
[Image: 2015-10-11_03.22.29.png]




  • /ptoggle -- Switches to volume selection mode; Enables or disables the selection mode, when enabled, you can create your portals
  • /pwarp <id> -- Creates warp point with given name; This will create the actual portal, but it will only work if you have made a proper portal volume
  • /penter <id> <target_id> -- Connects 2 portals together; This will make sure this portal will connect to another portal (if it exists)
  • /pdest <id> -- Create the destination for a portal ID; This will create the actual teleportation destination when you enter this portal


  • Taugeshtu -- for the original plugin back in 2012
  • JonnyBoy0719 -- Redoing some of the code, and re-writing the system to read ini files instead of .bat file and other small issues


Its available on my GitHub page!
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