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Ok so can someone create a plugin so that you can buy schematics from world edit and then it gives you a piece of paper with the name of the schematic, after that if you right click on the ground it will slowly build the schematic block by block. The currency is going to be golden nuggets and you can buy the schematic if you do /SB buy (schematic). Some other commands are

/SB sell (schematic) - gives you some money back in exchange of the schematic

/SB list - sets up a list of all the schematics you can buy in that world

/SB give (player) (schematic) - Gives the schematic to the player for free (only for ops)

/SB delete (schematic) - Deletes the schematic from the world (only for ops)

/SB add (schematic) - adds the schematic to the world for buying

And thats all the commands. In the config you can enable what schematics are enabled in which worlds (using multiverse core) and their price. You can also choose what schematics are only for ops to buy
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Here too: we are cuberite, we don't have multiverse
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I like this idea, I have nominated it for the Cuberite Meetup plugin hackathon:

And I have to congratulate you on the post, you're one of the few people who actually took time to describe exactly what they want and how they want it done, this is an exemplary plugin request.
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this is an exemplary plugin request.

Although this is half the work of creating a plugin.

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I would like to see it if we add a worldedit api (or add this to worldedit) because worldedit already handles loading schematics and pasting blocks. Additionally if we do it like asyncworldedit it's a performance plus
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