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Incident report on memory leak caused by Cloudflare parser bug
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@sphinxc0re I think it's reasonable. If there hasn't been any update for a month it can be closed. If requested we can open it again later on.
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"Random chitchat" is definitely not a good place for any serious discussion.
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I opened a new thread for the issue: https://forum.cuberite.org/thread-2908-post-27790.html
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Oh it's such a lovely day today, the sun is finally out, it's warm outside, and the wind has slowed down for a while. I couldn't pass such an opportunity, so I went flying. As I was flying over a field, saw some hares and decided to race them Smile
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bCVnMim6KZY (watch in HD)
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(01-26-2017, 07:18 PM)xoft Wrote: No, the spam domains are different each time. Of course the ideal solution would be to auto-ban upon posting an URL in a first message, but I can't find any option for that in the control panel.

Someone may post a valid url in a first message, or a first spam message without a valid URL. How about simply mandating a moderator approval of the first 1 or 2 posts?
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Are reCAPTCHAS mandatory for logins now?
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I turned it on because of all the spammers we had. It didn't really help much though, so I guess we can turn it back to the simpel version.
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I'm rather surprised and unhappy that there is no open-source project for taking notes on a pen-enabled tablet. At least I couldn't find any. Does anyone know of anything? If not, I'm actually thinking of starting one myself.

What I had in mind:
- have a concept of individual "notebooks" consisting of "pages", each page is a potentially infinite 2D plane of paper onto which one can scribble notes using the tablet's pen (or a mouse)
- (optional feature) temporarily lock the pen drawing to straight lines on request (so that it's easy to draw diagrams)
- (optional feature) have a way to insert geometric primitives (rects, circles, diamonds, ...) anywhere in the page; label them free-hand
- (super bonus feature) character recognition turns freehand text into proper text; pages are searchable by any such text recognized

The closest app that I've seen a demo of having these features is MyScript's Nebo ( http://myscript.com/nebo/ ) but that's closed source, paid (although currently free for limited time on Windows Store) and doesn't work on tablets not having at least Core M (most cheap tablets, including mine, have an Atom).
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@bearbin I'm sorry to bother you again but our PIWIK still needs updating
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