Random Chitchat 2017
Happy new year!

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Every 1st of January starting from 2017 we'll open the new year's chitchat thread and close the previous one. The older 2012-2016 chitchat thread can be found here.
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Happy new year (almost) Smile
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Oh yeah, I'm finally back for some reviewing and coding. I still haven't pushed some things I've written on the train over the Christmas. Yes, I've been busy, had to take care of my Lady...
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Happy new year! :-)
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Happy new year @xoftBig Grin also I might say, that your lady looks pretty darn interesting Wink congrats!
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Yes, I can't really believe how lucky I am to have found me such an angel Smile And this time I intend to work hard not to lose her due to Cuberite - sorry guys, been there once, don't want to repeat the same mistake.
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All hell's broken loose outside, and my cat, the poor thing, is cowering in a corner, trembling with fear. I kinda hate new years.
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I remember as a kid I put up construction headphones because I couldn't bear the loud noises.
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Happy new year to the wonderful community and developers!
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Happy new year, folks. To another good year!
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