Random Chitchat 2018
Happy new year, everyone. Continuing the tradition of splitting the chitchat thread (although almost two days later than expected Smile , here's the new 2018 chitchat thread. The old one is here: https://forum.cuberite.org/thread-2727.html

Cuberite is now being represented in Taupo, New Zealand Smile
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Damn, I forgot.... But you might wanna merge the past what we're doing threads, I.e merge 2017 into 2012-16

These days are stressful, besides.
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Dear diary. Today I finally made my long dream come true, I've flown in a helicopterBig Grin
Still, the weather was against us, so instead of a 3 hour tour of the glacier, we were called back to base almost immediately due to rapidly worsening weather. The clouds fell down within a few minutes, luckily we were just quick enough to get out in the nick of time before there was an almost zero visibility.
Yeah, New Zealand's South island's West coast, that's pretty normal. But, yay, at least I got my first heli-ride Smile

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Wow, impressive!
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Dear diary. I've made some terrible mistakes in the past two days. What I should have done: immediately after the unsuccessful glacier trip I should have re-booked us onto the following day. Instead I asked for a refund. Now, a day later, there was just one slot available, so it was either me, or my lady, to go up to the glacier. We had to play a game of rock-scissors-paper to decide who goes; I won, but it doesn't make me happy, knowing that she's grounded with nothing much to do. I'm such a lousy boyfriend Sad Even though she says she's okay with that and she didn't want to go anyway and was afraid that her english was not good enough to actually go, I still feel awful.
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You're having a rough time, I see.... Even the ice thinks you belong there together....

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Why do you think I had that photo taken. And every couple in the group as well Smile
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Any idea what happened to Cuberite's Bountysource page? It returns a 404 error for me. https://salt.bountysource.com/teams/cuberite
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(01-28-2018, 12:59 AM)Mathias Wrote: Any idea what happened to Cuberite's Bountysource page? It returns a 404 error for me. https://salt.bountysource.com/teams/cuberite

The normal page works fine:
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It's sad to see Cuberite activity has fallen recently. I still check github&forum sometimes, though I'm not active anymore.
However, some nice improvements have been made it seems.

I hope everything is going ok for all of you Smile
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