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Yeah, it helped a bit: https://www.userbenchmark.com/UserRun/14020362
Thanks again Smile
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I'm glad it worked Smile I had it configured as well, but a BIOS flash reset it completely and I'm too lazy to go through it again. If possible I would save the settings if your BIOS supports it.
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I kinda saved it - took a photo on my phone, then keyed it into the BIOS.

Now I get 12 UPS in Factorio, instead of 10.
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Huh sad to hear that story.

Only thing to complain about is the ssd. The 850 is a bit dated, tho still sold, thus even pricier than the current models. In my build (Ryzen 2600 because I didn't want to pay for the 2700 topping, apart from that rather similar) I opted for a 970 Evo, which is blazingly fast (thanks to m.2 and PCIe lanes), prices are currently dropping quite a lot and that was definitely worth its money (I got the 500gb version for 130€)

About the building experience, I mostly agree, it's not possible but some parts are quite a hassle depending on case size (and layout) and cpu fan size. Because I wanted a silent build I got a pretty juge cpu fan (and that totally paid off), but it did make a few things a bit troublesome (in my case mounting the sysfan plugs was the biggest problem), so there's one thing I can really recommend: remove all unused hard drive/DVD cages beforehand, mount cpu, ram, cpu fan (and m.2 ssd if oyu have one) on the Mainboard, then place it loosely in its place. Connect all the Mainboard connections before fastening the first Mainboard screw, maybe one thing to omit would be sata, which normally is pretty accessible. You can then move around the Mainboard a bit to get things plugged in correctly and in my case i even tilted the whole Mainboard by about 40 degrees so I could plug in the sys fan (the pin was located below the whole cpu fan) with my hand sticking through the holes below the Mainboard.... I did need a second pair of hands holding the Mainboard there tho.

After all, I was quite satisfied but it wasn't my first pc build either
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You can't really feel the difference between an NVME drive and a SATA drive. In most real world cases the bottleneck is somewhere else. That being said, I only have NVME drives in my desktop because after I ordered a 500 GB SATA drive I found out I could get a NVME drive instead for only €10 more. So I cancelled the SATA drive and went with the NVME since I had an M2 slot left over which had 2 PCI-E lanes.
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Make Parallel-ATA Great Again

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project is die??
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Nah, just resting Smile

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Windows Update... they just can't get it right ™Tongue

Right now it got my computer into this weird state: If I restart, it says "NTLDR is missing, press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart". If I turn off and then start, it boots fine. But updates are marked as Failed nevertheless.
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What if you start in safe mode and run a command to check Windows for errors?
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