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sfc /scannow
run that as admin in cmd
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Results in "Windows Resource Protection could not start the repair service."; checked some guides online, none has helped so far.

At this point, I think the OS is ripe for reinstall, it's been working for some 5 years already, survived two major hardware upgrades.
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Yeah, i have had some problems with some systems that didn't survive the many hardware changes it got.
Mostly when the motherboard gets changed, probably part of driver issues, if you really want you could setup windows with sysprep.
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I've just had a wonderful surprise. I looked into the mailbox and there was a letter for me, which seems to have come through Aperture Mail ServicesBig Grin It was full of dank Cuberite memes, a postcard and a letter. Thanks, @tigerw, that really did put a smile on my face. Though you did forget something - there's no return address for returning the favor.
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The pleasure is all mine, glad you enjoyed it!
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Anyone care to give some context?
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Well, xoft loves receiving mail, so I try to send him a postcard now and then. Of course me being me, I'm not about to just post some sappy photo of a river or something to the Czech Republic. So I sent some dank memes and a sappy photo of a river.
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Say, I think the others would enjoy the Cuberite meme as well, care to share the original picture? I don't think scanning it would do it justice.
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I'd say this happens a lot less in Cuberite than in Vanilla Smile
[Image: aKxKGrN_700bwp.jpg]
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Ours start building floating houses when they get near an ocean Smile
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