Hello, this is my first Lua plugin for cuberite, is called AutoSave.
I've noticed often when cuberite crash, all progress done since all chunks (even them which are loaded) are lost ...

AutoSave can :
  • Make automatics saves of all chunks of all worlds and dimensions with an timestamp between two saves
  • Broadcast to players that the save was done successfully
  • Be fully managed by commands or by a .ini file (called "AutoSaveParameters.ini" which can be found in the same repository as Cuberite binary)
  • Automatically disabled the save procedure when nobody is on the server, cause nothing can happen
AutoSave have a permission system, all commands begin by /autosave
A very important thing, all commands of AutoSave need to set the permission 'autosave' for all others permissions, and even if you have already specified a permission, without setting 'autosave' permission, you'll not have access to all other commands provided by my plugin, be careful.

There's is the list of commands and permissions, all key in the .ini file have the same name as commands

timestamp = Time in seconds between two consecutive saves
broadcast :
normal  = Will broadcast to all players which world have been saved AND the success of the save procedure
minimal = Will broadcast to all players only the success of the save procedure

Command                                /            Permissions                /         Details
/autosave version                         autosave.version                        Provide informations about the plugins (as name, version and author)
/autosave timestamp <seconds>             autosave.timestamp                      If no value is entered as <seconds>, it display the current timestamp, otherwise it update it
/autosave broadcast <normal | minimal>    autosave.broadcast                      If no value is entered, it display the current broadcast behaviour, otherwise it will update it

Current version (04-03-2020) : v1.1

Download (github)
Thanks given by: Retloldin

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