*** Recipe Updates ***

I joined this community about two weeks ago and spent some time just looking around reading threads and seeing what is and what is not working. I decided to plunge into missing recipes and sharing what I have thus far. I intend to post more as I get them working. My first goal is to submit as many recipes as possible to atleast get them done and in server releases. I've always liked Minecraft's survival mode rather than creative mode, but in MCServer's current state, it is lacking survival mode in many area's not limited to the missing recipes.

Eventually, I'd like to create some plugin's and have been reading over the documentation. Lua is new to me but I have background in C++ so it should be easier for me to pick up. I'm thinking about hosting a 24/7 MCServer to code missing aspects of survival mode.

So, yeah.. this is my first thread and I will be submitting multiple posts below concerning recipes. As of posting this I'm currently using MCServer r460 and Minecraft 1.2.5

Before I start posting updates to recipes.txt and items.ini, I would like to point out that I'm using data from http://www.minecraftwiki.net which I feel is balls on dead accurate concerning crafting recipes and data values.

Add to items.ini -> pumpkinseeds=361
Add to recipes.txt -> 1x1,1:1:86:1@361:4 #pumpkin seeds

Add to items.ini -> melon=103
Add to items.ini -> melonslice=360
Add to items.ini -> melonseeds=362
Add to recipes.txt -> 1x1,1:1:360:1@362:1 #melon seeds
Add to recipes.txt -> 3x3,*:*:360:1@103:1 #melon

Add to items.ini -> sugar=353
Add to recipes.txt -> 1x1,1:1:338:1@353:1 #sugar

Add to recipes.txt -> 2x2,*:*:348:1@89:1 #glowstone

Add to items.ini -> sandstone=24
Add to recipes.txt -> 2x2,*:*:12:1@24:1 #sandstone

Add to items.ini -> stonebricks=98
Add to recipes.txt -> 2x2,*:*:1:1@98:4 #stone bricks

Add to items.ini -> brickstairs=108
Add to recipes.txt -> 3x3,*:3:45:1,1:1:45:1,1:2:45:1,2:2:45:1@108:4 #brick stairs

Add to items.ini -> stonebrickstairs=109
Add to recipes.txt -> 3x3,*:3:98:1,1:1:98:1,1:2:98:1,2:2:98:1@109:4 #stone brick stairs

Add to items.ini -> netherbrick=112
Add to items.ini -> netherbrickstairs=114
Add to recipes.txt -> 3x3,*:3:112:1,1:1:112:1,1:2:112:1,2:2:112:1@114:4 #nether brick stairs

These ten recipes are what I have done so far. I hope to get more recipes done soon.
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Looks good Smile maybe can you afd trapdoors as well Smile
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It might be better if you provided these recipes as a patch file against a known revision of the file in the repository. Or maybe ask FakeTruth to add you to the project committers, so that you can commit your changes to the svn directly Smile

Anyway, thanks for the effort. It's great to see that there are more people interested in helping this project.
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@ STR_Warrior ~ I'm working on it.
@ xoft ~ Dropping these changes into any revision will result in working recipes. All that is needed is editing the Recipes.txt and items.ini files. These are just recipes, any specific function of a block or item would need to be coded. Later on, I might attach updates of both files so people only need to copy paste and overwrite the existing files in any revision. For now, anyone who is interested can edit them manually. I do appreciate your advice about FakeTruth. I would like to eventually be on the dev team helping add missing features via C++ and Lua.

*** Recipe Update ***

Add to items.ini -> map=358
Add to recipes.txt -> 3x3,1:3:339:1,1:2:339:1,1:1:339:1,2:3:339:1,2:2:345:1,2:1:339:1,3:3:339:1,3:2:339:1,3:1:339:1@358:1 # map

Please note that this is only the recipe. Crafting this recipe ingame will let you wield the map but will not draw the map as you walk around. The drawmap() code will need to be written at some point.

Also, a quick fix for the ladder recipe. All revisions of recipes.txt give you 1 ladder per craft. however, to be Minecraft accurate it should give you 3 ladders. Replace the 1 at the end of this entry:

3x3,1:*:280:1,3:*:280:1,2:2:280:1@65:1 # Ladder

with a 3 so it looks like so:

3x3,1:*:280:1,3:*:280:1,2:2:280:1@65:3 # Ladder

More recipes on the way.
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I'm impressed you managed to read and create the syntax for the recipes hehe, the syntax is one giant mindfuck.

I think it's great that you're doing this! It might be easier if you post the entire resulting recipes.txt file you have right now on here, perhaps between code tags so it's easy for people to copy paste it
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Or attach the files to your posts, so that they're immediately downloadable Wink
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dorkboy would you like to upload the MCServer.exe?? Smile becouse i can't make it Sad and in the first poste in this thread you say you got r460
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@ FakeTruth ~ I pick up syntax quickly. I'm currently a dev for a mmorpg server emulator. I've been coding for ProjectEQ which is a free Eqemu [Everquest] server. I've been helping the ProjectEQ community from 2005 to current. My duties there are submitting MySQL database entries, PERL quest writer, and I'm also an ingame GM. Below is a link to the quest writers page, under author I'm Senzo.


@ FakeTruth and xoft ~ I was thinking about attachments but I've totally re-written the layout of recipes.txt because I've seperated the recipe sections according to the sections at: http://www.minecraftwiki.net/wiki/Crafting and I didnt want to upset FakeTruth or Aelux for changing their section layout. I also renamed all items in items.ini to what they are listed as in Minecraft and this link: http://www.minecraftwiki.net/wiki/Data_values mostly because I would be searching for glowstone and glowstonedust and find wouldn't highlight it because they are listed in items.ini as lightstone and lightstonedust. So for my personal use, I've totally revamped the names to read how they are ingame and minecraftwiki. But I don't mind posting attachment's as long as my 'ocd' changes don't step on anyone's toes.

Recipes on the way are: clock, glass pane, iron bars, gold ingot, and maybe cake.

I'm having trouble with the mushroom stew recipe in the default recipes.txt file. It currently is not working how it is currently typed. I'm looking into this hopefully posting a fix soon.
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As for me, I don't mind total rewrites Smile I've done a few of my own already in the C++ code, so why not revamp the items to match the official names?
If I were doing the changes, though, I'd keep the old names too, for compatibility reasons (maybe in a separate "outdated" section of the file). The items.ini is used by the scripts, so they might get confused.

I'd be really happy if those changes could make it into the official distribution; become a committer! Smile
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Hello Everyone.

I am still working on the recipes.txt and items.ini updates. The Items.ini file is updated and stores 0-124 for block ids. The ini file also stores item ids starting at 256+. Minecraft 1.2.5 currently uses item ids 256-385. Um, what else.. it has all 11 current record ids. I'm currently trying to figure out getting dyes, colored wool, and other ids that rely on exponent values on a base id into the ini file and actually working with the recipes.txt file.

I decided to halt posting recipes and instead attach both files for direct download shared through a box.com account i recently created. Box.com gives 5gb free for personal use, which is more than i'll ever need for coding projects. I will post attachments soon. I am trying to fix a couple bugged recipes that arent working for some reason and adding alot more recipes. I've tested these two updated files with the Minecraft client 1.2.5 and the changes to item names in Items.ini do not seem to conflict with anything ingame. It is just nice to have official names to avoid confusion and headaches on my part.

My job has me traveling alot lately. I'm a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) Specialist / Industrial Electrician. I've been updating these files when I have free time. Expect attachments soon. I just wanted to touch bases with everyone and let you know that I'm still making progress. Once recipes are posted and working, I plan to move on to coding each individual block / item that is not working to work how it should. Long road ahead but progress is progress.
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