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the only problem is that for now there is now way to get mellon or pumpkin seeds becouse there are no chest's with seeds or mellon/pumpkins generated :S
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you can now place seeds but they don't grow or is that not yet implented?
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Wow, I haven't even implemented planting seeds yet, seems like the client is doing some of the work.

Right now I'm fighting with farmland hydration. I need a chunk to be able to access its neighboring chunks pretty fast, without the unnecessary multithread locking (because I know at that time that the lock is already held).
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omg when you dissconect the seeds dissapear :O
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yeah, they were client-side only.

With Rev 523 they actually work now, but the growing is "too random". I need to revise the blocktick selection function. But for a start it's okay, I guess.

Note that you won't get any wheat from the ripe crops yet, though Smile
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This is the current block-tick distribution (white areas receive more blockticks, dark areas receive less blockticks; each 16x16 px area represents one XZ-layer of a chunk (same-Y) ):
[Image: blocktick_distrib.png]

As you can see, blocks that are on all-even coords receive much more blockticks (~10-fold) than blocks that have at least one coord odd.

I need to fix this, or else the crops grow funnyTongue
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Another school assignment!

This is what I've been doing, and it's awesome! DONT JUDGE ME!

It demonstrates a Cg shader on a fullscreen quad with a star texture. The shader twists the texture.
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Well, for a 21 MiB program it does woefully little - gotta love support DLLs Wink

Blocktick distribution finally fixed. Who's next? Smile
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Yea, holy crap I had to send that 4 times to someone before I gave up and just put all the DLL's I could find in there >_>
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New assignment!
Use keys 1-2 to switch between scene 1 and 2.
In scene 2 use F to change light effect, and L to switch between point light and directional light.
In scene 2 click and drag the mouse to rotate the camera, right mouse moves the camera and scrolling zooms.

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