Features and missing features
After many requests, and sheer necessity, here is a list of Cuberite's features and features that are still missing and need to be implemented.

For finer details on specific subjects, see the ToDo Lists.

  • PVP
    • Adjust damage based on equipped weapons
    • Adjust damage based on equipped armor
    • Adjust damage based on enchantments
  • Redstone
    • Repeaters
    • Pistons
    • Buttons
    • Delays
    • Pressure plates
    • Daylight sensors
  • World Generation
    • Biomes
    • Worm-nest caves
    • Ravines
    • Multiple dimensions/worlds
    • Abandened mineshafts
    • Dungeon Rooms
    • Villages
    • Nether terrain
    • The End
  • Block interaction
    • Double doors
    • Noteblocks
    • Jukeboxes
    • Beds
    • Crafting/Repairing/Furnace
    • Farming
  • Inventory Management
    • Painting
    • Shift-Click
  • Physics
    • Falling blocks (sand, gravel, etc.)
    • Fluid physics
    • Projectiles
    • Minecarts
  • Use original Minecraft world format (Anvil)
  • Plugins/WebAdmin (Lua)
  • Creative/Survival/Adventure
  • Operation system: Windows, Linux, Mac and Android
  • Authentication with official Minecraft servers
  • Built in permissions system
  • Built in groups system
  • Enchanting
  • Brewing
  • Sound
  • Weather
  • Decent mob path finding
  • BungeeCord

  • Generation
    • Single-prefab structures
  • TNT
    • Blast Radius
  • Decent mob AI
  • Horse riding
  • 1.8-style World border

  • Distrubuted Cuberite - sharing a single world across multiple servers

If this list is incomplete, please reply to this thread and I'll add the missing parts
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Falling sand and gravel is also different from original
and there are pistons, biomes and farming.
also with redstone the delays are not very good.
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Thanks, added Smile
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Does MC-Server have pvp?? how to turn it on? Smile
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Dunno, but it has it! I put it in there a looooong time agoTongue
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double doors are not working
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and villages
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Then add wormnest-caves and ravines, too.
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and gamemodes Smile
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Quote:and gamemodes
What? /gm 0 and /gm 1, did you tried it? Or what are you talking about?
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