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Very simple plugin!

/sethome sets your home and /home teleports you home!

Known bugs:

NoneBig Grin


/sethome = simplehome.sethome
/home = simplehome.home

- this is my first plugin so dont hateTongue

Download for unregisterd people: http://pimcserver.tk/dl/SimpleHome.zip

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(05-05-2013, 04:58 AM)supertransformer Wrote: Chat tells its an unknown command but it still works.

this is simple Smile just put "return true" without the quotes at the end of the commands function. Smile

HOOK_EXECUTE_COMMAND isn't needed. PluginManager:BindCommand ensures that the command gets its propper function.
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Looks good. I think I'll use it in my server.
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Well Congratulations with your first MCServer pluginBig Grin
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(05-05-2013, 06:16 AM)STR_Warrior Wrote: Well Congratulations with your first MCServer pluginBig Grin

Thank you!
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If someone wants to have 2 homes, there is SimpleHome with /sethome2 and /home2

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I think you should merge these two permissions into one, as a player with no home set has no use of /home and a player that cant teleport to his home has no use of /sethome. Smile
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I allowed myself to change the plugin a little.
    Added: A unique home point in each world.
    Added: Message if there is no home point in this world.
    Added: It is forbidden to create a home point in the world_the_end.
    Added: tp others home.
    Added: Sound for tp.
    Changed: The version number is now 2.
    Deleted: A message about logging into the game.

Permissions and Commands:
     simplehome.sethome  /sethome - set your home
     simplehome.home  /home - tp to your home
     simplehome.gohome  /gohome [playername] - tp to other player home

Maybe someone will need this. I'll put it here.

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