ProtectionAreas (built-in)
Would it be easier to despawn any mobs which venture into the protected area? I recall that this is how the 'Factions' mod accomplished that on bukkit. Also, no mobs will spawn in Faction town areas.
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The problem with that is creepers can venture near the bounding box that houses the area, but not enter it. If close enough and still existant, the creeper could blow up blocks near the edge. As xoft said, currently there is no way of determining exactly which blocks will be affected by the blast. A second problem with that is if a plugin were to use a hook that checks a mob's position everytime it moves/per tick and there are hundreds of mobs, there would be a relatively large overhead. Since the plugins are implemented in Lua, it is significantly slower than using native code, thus creating an even larger overhead (unless LuaJIT is being used).
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Does this automaticly like //expand vertical?
Like does it detect all the blocks once we select both positions?
Because if not, please add /expand vertical
so it'll expand to our protection.
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What do you mean? The protected areas include the entire world height, from Y=0 to Y=255.
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(04-14-2015, 06:06 PM)xoft Wrote: What do you mean? The protected areas include the entire world height, from Y=0 to Y=255.

Yeah I figured.
For some reason, I've deleted the areas already.
Created a new one. The ID increases by 1.
But it probably doesn't matter because I've checked the list. It only shows up 1.
Doesn't show ID but I know its only one.
Also when you use command /protection user <any other commands like strip> <id>
It said something about verb not being used.
You should fix it.
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Smile I'm going to have to start using this since I am going to open up my server to a lot of people who are going to be complete strangers.

I also do have one suggestion.

/protection rename [oldname] [newname]

And also, when creating an protection area, be able to give a name:
/protection add myhouse jammet

Basically, I think unique names would help a lot. Instead of just having numbers. Maybe limit the name to 20 letters.

Names like [jammetbeachhouse] [bridge] [spawn] and what have you.

So far I've noticed that for some reason, "protection list" works unreliable. I've created and removed a few areas, disconnected, returned later only to find the list empty, but the protection still functional.

And then there's one other idea. Offering the functionality of most of these protection area commands to everyone with needing special permissions, but the areas they create are up for review.

/protection review Would list all areas currently up for review.
/protection tcheck [area] Would teleport you to the area and again tell/remind you the starting and end coordinates (if there is no way to visually hilight something to just you).
/protection check [area] Same thing without teleporting.
/protection okay [area] Saves the protection area and adds the names the player provided.
/protection deny [area] Removes the protection area from the reviews without saving it.
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The plugin do not protect from TNT and etc. Sad
I'm sorry for bad English.
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TNT protection would be really easy if we had a hook that returned affected blocks and a flying entity-to-block hook.
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I have looked into the source code to implement flags. For mini games flags would be helpful and also for protections, like disable pvp, tnt, mob spawning, etc.

I see that the every player has then a list of Cuboids in a instance named cPlayerAreas. If I add a flag to a area and save it to the sqlite3 file. Then all player areas needs to be reloaded, to ensure that the cuboid has a flag.

The current code is not really suitable for that.
I have started implementing of flags and found a few other things that makes it much more complex, for example only applying the flag to players in a specific group.

If there were only one area, that would be accessed if the player places/breaks a block, that would simplify things. But here I think the biggest problem would be to get the area from the coordinates.
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I need to import areas from WorldGuard, please help me?
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