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Man, your assignments are weird Smile
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You know you love it!
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I'm now playing with a height generator that would take biomes into account. I've got the basic method working, I think; now I need to find good parameters for each biome. And finally measure the efficiency - I have a feeling that adding a biome generator cache would become beneficial at this point.
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so you are now working on that swamp biomes will be at the ocean etc..
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Not quite. I'm working on that swamp biome being flat and half submerged in water, extreme hills biome being mountaineous, plains biome being flat etc. It doesn't have anything to do with biome placement, it's only about terrain height in various biomes (and especially between them, on the edges)
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oh okTongue i was wrong once again xD
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Height generator done. Even added a cache so that generation is fast again.

Now I'm working on a biomal composition generator. No more sand in swampland nor grass in deserts!
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cool can't waitBig Grin
r542 how to use the Biomal composition generator?
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World generator is on hold, as I've made all the basics I've wanted to do. There are some advanced things, but those are something I must be in a mood to do.
Farming is on hold too. I'm not sure what I'll do and what I'll postponeTongue
Recipes are currently underway, I'm improving the format to allow easier recipe input and using damage values in the recipes.
I haven't touched mobs yet, and I don't plan to.
(06-03-2012, 06:23 AM)STR_Warrior Wrote: r542 how to use the Biomal composition generator?

Sometimes your questions are really weird. How about setting CompositionGen=Biomal in the world.ini? It's even in the wiki docs, I'm trying to keep it up to date, you know Wink
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Quote:Farming is on hold too. I'm not sure what I'll do and what I'll postponeTongue
but still when you break the crops you get crops i stead of wheat...
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