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bad login is when you try to login with an account that is not yours if you have Authentication on.
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I was going to tell you broke 1.2.5, but now I see that my world in anvil got broken. Is there any protection or we just don't care about broken files? My server just hangs up without any error in log...
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Quote:Is there any protection or we just don't care about broken files? My server just hangs up without any error in log...
Could you describe this a bit more? I got a feeling that this could be similar issue to mine: http://www.mc-server.org/support/index.p...ask_id=240
Same freeze without any log notifications... I'll try to create a new world.
Nope, I still got freeze even with a new world

I bet it's because of "Cut out all packet handling to a separate cProtocol descendant" change. r795 - everything is ok, fast login to local-running MCS. r797 - freeze. Since r797 is just addition of ChunkWorx to SVN I assume it's r796 where things went wrong.

So sad, I can't develop plugins until it get fixed...
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Seems like a regular deadlock, so let's treat it like one.

Download this tool from MS:
It installs a commandline tool, userdump.exe, that can create memory dumps for processes. Two versions are installed, x86 for 32-bit systems and x64 for 64-bit systems. Use the correct version for your OS.

Then, start the server and replicate the problem.

Use Task Manager to find the Process ID (PID) of the server.

Start a new commandline window, navigate to the userdump tool and run "userdump <pid>", for example "userdump 232". This will create a file, "MCServer.dmp", in the current folder. Pack the file (it will be rather large, but should compress well) and post it somewhere for me to download.

Note that this file is only useful if you use a nightbuild from the nightbuild page; if you build your own executable, you need to provide me with the exe and all the pdb files, too.
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It's getting tricky. Setup hangs too, after "This User Mode Process Dumper driver does not support this OS version" promt.
(Yes, I have Win-7 x86 and I try to install it from x86 folder... Weird).

Any other suggestions on how we can debug it?
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You don't need to run the setup, the commandline program is already in that folder, ready to run. The setup is only if you want some advanced stuff, such as auto-dumping dying processes or some kernel debugging.
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Oh... Then here's your candy Wink (actually it's not that sweet, but I trust you and your debug skill)
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For which revision is the dump?
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r808 from nightbuilds
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The debugger says that the symbols don't match. I can't do much with that.
Damn, the nightbuild script doesn't save the correct PDBs, since the repo reorganization Sad

Since it is the latest version, I might have the PDBs at home, but I'm travelling in a train now so it'll take some while for me to be able to download them.
I've run into a few deadlocks myself now and I think I managed to fix them. I'll try starting the nightbuild soon, but before that I'd like to fix the script not saving the PDBs from correct locations.
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