is an easy way to silent all the people in your server.

  • /blockchat
  • disables chat for everyone exept people with the bypass permission

    /blockchat (player)
  • can be used to mute a specific player

  • Blockchat.block
  • the command to stop people from talking

  • Allows people to talk even if the server is in silent mode

in main.lua at the start you can choose if the server should be in silent mode or not on start.

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Nice. Finally we're getting some useful plugins rolling Smile
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You make me jelaous Smile
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Taugeshtu, your plugins are perfect for debugging, especially the Chunkworx - I use it all the time. But this plugin is actually good for server admins for regular use.
And I meant all the plugins coming up lately; before they were just some skeletons with limited functionality and questionable usefulness, but finally we're getting something truly useful. Chunkworx, Slotty, Coiny, Rainy, Blockchat...
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(02-14-2013, 03:40 AM)Taugeshtu Wrote: You make me jelaous Smile

i could not create this plugin without looking at your plugins Smile
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Yay updateBig Grin you can now also mute specific players by using /blockchat (player)
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This works but i get "unknown command" and also this..
Please fix it when you can Smile thanks.

[23:57:37] LUA: Plugins/Blockchat/main.lua:34: attempt to call method 'SendMessage' (a nil value)
[23:57:37] Stack trace:
[23:57:37] [C](-1): SendMessage
[23:57:37] Plugins/Blockchat/main.lua(34): (no name)
[23:57:37] Stack trace end
[23:57:37] Error in plugin Blockchat calling function <callback>()
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