This plugin allows you to easily manage the world, edit the world, navigate around or get information. It bears similarity to the Bukkit's WorldEdit plugin and aims to have the same set of commands, however, it has no affiliation to that plugin.

Permission from sk89q:


Advantages over Bukkit/Spigot's WorldEdit
It's super fast. A sphere with a radius of 90 is completed in 1.6 seconds on my I7-4700MQ, whereas Spigot crashes after one minute. This is because we access the chunks that have to be changed directly via a certain API provided by Cuberite.


Any biome specific commands.
  • //setbiome -  Set the biome of the region.Permission required: worldedit.biome.set/biomeinfo -  Get the biome of the targeted block(s).Permission required: -  Gets all biomes availablePermission required: worldedit.biomelist

  • /brush -  Brush commandsPermission required: /brush cylinder -  Switch to the cylinder brush tool.Permission required: worldedit.brush.cylinder/brush sphere -  Switch to the sphere brush tool.Permission required: worldedit.brush.sphere/mask -  Set the brush maskPermission required: worldedit.brush.options.mask

All the commands that have anything todo with a players clipboard.
  • //copy -  Copy the selection to the clipboardPermission required: worldedit.clipboard.copy//cut -  Cut the selection to the clipboardPermission required: worldedit.clipboard.cut//paste -  Pastes the clipboard's contentsPermission required: worldedit.clipboard.paste//rotate -  Rotates the contents of the clipboardPermission required: worldedit.clipboard.rotate

  • /butcher -  Kills nearby mobs based on the given radius, if no radius is given it uses the default in configuration.Permission required: worldedit.butcher/remove -  Removes all entities of a typePermission required: worldedit.remove

Commands that generates structures.
  • //cyl - Generates a cylinder.Permission required: worldedit.generation.cylinder//generate -  Generates a shape according to a formulaPermission required: worldedit.generation.shape//hcyl - Generates a hollow cylinderPermission required: worldedit.selection.cylinder//hpyramid - Generate a hollow pyramidPermission required: worldedit.generation.pyramid//hsphere -  Generates a hollow sphere.Permission required: worldedit.generation.hsphere//pyramid - Generate a filled pyramidPermission required: worldedit.generation.pyramid//sphere -  Generates a filled sphere.Permission required: worldedit.generation.sphere

Commands that can undo/redo past WorldEdit actions.
  • //redo -  redoes the last action (from history)Permission required: worldedit.history.redo//undo -  Undoes the last actionPermission required: worldedit.history.undo

Commands that helps the player moving to locations.
  • /ascend -  go down a floorPermission required: worldedit.navigation.ascend/descend - go down a floorPermission required: worldedit.navigation.descend/jumpto -  Teleport to a locationPermission required: worldedit.navigation.jumpto.command/thru -  Passthrough wallsPermission required: worldedit.navigation.thru.command/up -  go upwards some distancePermission required: worldedit.navigation.up

Commands in this category will allow the player to edit the region he/she has selected using //pos[1/2] or using the wand item.
  • //addleaves -  Adds leaves next to log blocksPermission required: worldedit.region.addleaves//ellipsoid -  Creates an ellipsoid in the selected regionPermission required: worldedit.region.ellipsoid//faces -  Build the walls, ceiling, and floor of a selectionPermission required: worldedit.region.faces//leafdecay - Removes all the leaves in the selection that would decayPermission required: worldedit.region.leafdecay//mirror - Mirrors the selection by the specified planePermission required: worldedit.region.mirrorThe following parameter combinations are recognized://mirror plane - Mirrors the selection by the specified plane//replace -  Replace all the blocks in the selection with anotherPermission required: worldedit.region.replace//set -  Set all the blocks inside the selection to a blockPermission required: worldedit.region.set//stack - Repeat the contents of the selection.Permission required: worldedit.region.stack//vmirror - Mirrors the selection verticallyPermission required: worldedit.region.vmirror//walls -  Build the four sides of the selectionPermission required: worldedit.region.walls

Commands that load or save schematic's
  • //schematic formats - List available schematic formatsPermission required: worldedit.schematic.list//schematic list - List available schematicsPermission required: worldedit.schematic.list//schematic load - Loads the given schematic file.Permission required: worldedit.schematic.load//schematic save - Saves the current clipboard to a file with the given filename.Permission required:

  • /.s - Execute last CraftScriptPermission required: worldedit.scripting.execute/cs -  Execute a CraftScriptPermission required: worldedit.scripting.execute

Commands that give info/help setting the region you have selected.
  • //contract -  Contract the selection areaPermission required: worldedit.selection.contract//count -  Count the number of blocks in the region.Permission required: worldedit.selection.count//expand -  Expand the selection areaPermission required: worldedit.selection.expand//hpos1 -  Set position 1 to the position you are looking at.Permission required: worldedit.selection.pos//hpos2 -  Set position 2 to the position you are looking at.Permission required: worldedit.selection.pos//pos1 -  Set position 1Permission required: worldedit.selection.pos//pos2 -  Set position 2Permission required: worldedit.selection.pos//shift -  Move the selection areaPermission required: worldedit.selection.size//shrink -  shrink the current selection to exclude air-only layers of the selectionPermission required: worldedit.selection.shrink//size -  Get the size of the selectionPermission required: worldedit.selection.size

Commands that don't realy fit in another category.
  • //wand -  Get the wand objectPermission required: worldedit.wand/toggleeditwand -  Toggle functionality of the edit wandPermission required: worldedit.wand.toggle/we -  World edit commandPermission required: /we cui - Complete CUI handshakePermission required: /we help - Sends all the available commands to the player.Permission required: /we version - Sends the plugin version to the player.Permission required:

Commands that help you Modifying the terrain.
  • //drain -  Drains all water around you in the given radius.Permission required: worldedit.drain//extinguish -  Removes all the fires around you in the given radius.Permission required: worldedit.extinguish//green -  Changes all the dirt to grass.Permission required: -  Replace nearby blocksPermission required: worldedit.replacenear/pumpkins -  Generates pumpkins at the surface.Permission required: worldedit.generation.pumpkins/removeabove -  Remove all the blocks above you.Permission required: worldedit.removeabove/removebelow -  Remove all the blocks below you.Permission required: worldedit.removebelow/snow -  Makes it look like it has snown.Permission required: worldedit.snow/thaw -  Removes all the snow around you in the given radius.Permission required: worldedit.thaw

Commands that activate a tool. If a tool is activated you can use it by right or left clicking with your mouse.
  • // -  Toggle the super pickaxe pickaxe functionPermission required: worldedit.superpickaxe/farwand - Use the wand from a distancePermission required: worldedit.tool.farwand/none -  Unbind a bound tool from your current item/repl -  Block replace toolPermission required: worldedit.tool.replacer/tree -  Tree generator toolPermission required: worldedit.tool.tree

Show Permissions:
  •  - -
    • Commands affected:- /biomeinfo
     - worldedit.biome.set -
    • Commands affected:- //setbiome
     - worldedit.biomelist -
    • Commands affected:- /biomelist
     - worldedit.brush.cylinder -
    • Commands affected:- /brush cylinder
     - worldedit.brush.options.mask -
    • Commands affected:- /mask
     - worldedit.brush.sphere -
    • Commands affected:- /brush sphere
     - worldedit.butcher -
    • Commands affected:- /butcher
     - worldedit.clipboard.copy -
    • Commands affected:- //copy
     - worldedit.clipboard.cut -
    • Commands affected:- //cut
     - worldedit.clipboard.paste -
    • Commands affected:- //paste
     - worldedit.clipboard.rotate -
    • Commands affected:- //rotate
     - worldedit.drain -
    • Commands affected:- //drain
     - worldedit.extinguish -
    • Commands affected:- //extinguish
     - worldedit.generation.cylinder -
    • Commands affected:- //cyl
     - worldedit.generation.hsphere -
    • Commands affected:- //hsphere
     - worldedit.generation.pumpkins -
    • Commands affected:- /pumpkins
     - worldedit.generation.pyramid -
    • Commands affected:- //pyramid - //hpyramid
     - worldedit.generation.shape -
    • Commands affected:- //generate
     - worldedit.generation.sphere -
    • Commands affected:- //sphere
     - -
    • Commands affected:- //green
     - worldedit.history.redo -
    • Commands affected:- //redo
     - worldedit.history.undo -
    • Commands affected:- //undo
     - worldedit.navigation.ascend -
    • Commands affected:- /ascend
     - worldedit.navigation.descend -
    • Commands affected:- /descend
     - worldedit.navigation.jumpto.command -
    • Commands affected:- /jumpto
     - worldedit.navigation.thru.command -
    • Commands affected:- /thru
     - worldedit.navigation.up -
    • Commands affected:- /up
     - worldedit.region.addleaves -
    • Commands affected:- //addleaves
     - worldedit.region.ellipsoid -
    • Commands affected:- //ellipsoid
     - worldedit.region.faces -
    • Commands affected:- //faces
     - worldedit.region.leafdecay -
    • Commands affected:- //leafdecay
     - worldedit.region.mirror -
    • Commands affected:- //mirror
     - worldedit.region.replace -
    • Commands affected:- //replace
     - worldedit.region.set -
    • Commands affected:- //set
     - worldedit.region.stack -
    • Commands affected:- //stack
     - worldedit.region.vmirror -
    • Commands affected:- //vmirror
     - worldedit.region.walls -
    • Commands affected:- //walls
     - worldedit.remove -
    • Commands affected:- /remove
     - worldedit.removeabove -
    • Commands affected:- /removeabove
     - worldedit.removebelow -
    • Commands affected:- /removebelow
     - worldedit.replacenear -
    • Commands affected:- //replacenear
     - worldedit.schematic.list -
    • Commands affected:- //schematic formats - //schematic list
     - worldedit.schematic.load -
    • Commands affected:- //schematic load
     - -
    • Commands affected:- //schematic save
     - worldedit.scripting.execute -
    • Commands affected:- /.s - /cs
     - worldedit.selection.contract -
    • Commands affected:- //contract
     - worldedit.selection.count -
    • Commands affected:- //count
     - worldedit.selection.cylinder -
    • Commands affected:- //hcyl
     - worldedit.selection.expand -
    • Commands affected:- //expand
     - worldedit.selection.pos -
    • Commands affected:- //hpos1 - //hpos2 - //pos1 - //pos2
     - worldedit.selection.shrink -
    • Commands affected:- //shrink
     - worldedit.selection.size -
    • Commands affected:- //size - //shift
     - worldedit.snow -
    • Commands affected:- /snow
     - worldedit.superpickaxe -
    • Commands affected:- //
     - worldedit.thaw -
    • Commands affected:- /thaw
     - worldedit.tool.farwand -
    • Commands affected:- /farwand
     - worldedit.tool.replacer -
    • Commands affected:- /repl
     - worldedit.tool.tree -
    • Commands affected:- /tree
     - worldedit.wand -
    • Commands affected:- //wand
     - worldedit.wand.toggle -
    • Commands affected:- /toggleeditwand

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Very good plugin, the only bad I found is that there aren't /undo and /redo. Will you add it?
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Yes i want to add it but i don't know how Sad i was thinking of every time you do something it saves a schematic but then it has to create a file every time you do something so thats not realy good :S
Thanks given by:
(05-03-2013, 06:03 AM)STR_Warrior Wrote: yes i want to add it but i don't know how Sad i was thinking of every time you do something it saves a schematic but then it has to create a file every time you do something so thats not realy good :S
Look at the CuboidPlus code.
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CuboidPlus is not using cBlockArea. This plugin is using that. Because of cBlockArea this plugin supports .schematics and is way faster.
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I'd only do Undo / Redo for the big operations, not for individual block changes. There's not that many of those.
Also, I'd keep a "map" of PlayerName -> List of up to N BlockAreas of Undo; N being configurable in the settings. I don't think there'll be many players with WE rights, so this shouldn't grow too large. Also, one must not forget to clear the list for a player when that player disconnects (or maybe after a timeout; if they reconnect soon, keep their undo).
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Fun fact: This plugin can crash your minecraft client if you use a region that is too large.
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I have a pluggin suggestion for you. Could you make a WorldGuard type plugin? It would be very usefull.
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I have no idea how to do that :S
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Crash, or freeze? I know that writing a big BlockArea will freeze the client for a while, but never seens a crash.
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