Random Chitchat 2017
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Nooooo! But still happy new year


Bring "what we're doing" back! Make it great again!
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Happy new year to all!!
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Doesn't seem so happy after all.

I keep running into problems in code that I thought was already working well:
- cNetwork keeps deadlocking ( https://github.com/cuberite/cuberite/issues/3514 )
- cLuaState callbacks crash the server when under load
- Plugin reloading crashes the server (avg 1 out of 5 tries)
- cLuaState error reporting seems broken
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Looking at my calendar, I see that I scheduled the Cuberite monthly meeting for today. As always at https://meet.jit.si/cuberite
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I'm afraid I can't go this time as I'm going to the movie with a few friends.
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Yeah happy new year guys! Up to a hopefully feature parity to a at least somewhat recent (say... 1.8?) Minecraft version Wink
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Meeting in 5 Minutes!
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Did I miss anything?
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Nope. Empty as usualBig Grin
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