Random Chitchat 2017
First Monday in a month doesn't work for me, there's a dancing event with the very same schedule.

And anyway, it seems not too many people want to actually meet us, neither online nor in a real life meetupTongue
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Heh, 3 days into the new year and we're already on page 3 of the chitchat threadBig Grin
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I guess we should use the monthly to discuss recent developments and possible updates for the news section of the website. That way we could also get in touch with the community. Since we would use jitsi meet we might as well stream the conversation to twitch. But we might want to choose a different day of the month. Any ideas?
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Perhaps next time we should put up an announcement a week in advance. I already made plans and thus I couldn't make it. (The Assassins Creed movie is okay, I had low expectations, but it was actually pretty good.Tongue)
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Yeah, I guess we should settle for a date that fits more our private schedules. Any suggestions?
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"And anyway, it seems not too many people want to actually meet us, neither online nor in a real life meetup"

Well, not necessarily true. For me the reason to not come to such events/meetings is that I don't really know what the point for me would be. I'm not a Cuberite developer, I only know some basic plugin stuff. And a real life meetup would be cool, if it wasn't more than a hour driving away. Since the last time I went to Prague took a 8 hour drive, this falls outside that category.
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I seem to have fixed all my "New year's" LuaState problems, they all boiled down to a single race condition.

Still got itBig Grin
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Over the weekend I had one of those *wacky* ideas... The quadcopter seems pretty strong, it's capable of acrobatics and flying at 150 km/h, so I thought, how about towing me on ice-skates? Unfortunately, the experiment has failed, after measuring the lifting capacity at some 1.1 kg, I found out it's not enough to pull a person. Pity! How cool would that have been - quad-skating!Big Grin
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My god, that would have been awesomeTongue
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I guess I'll have to get a stronger copter Smile
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