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@xoft, you might like this: http://javascript.nilspace.nl/Cuberite/G...zer_Image/

I took the previous GrownVisualizer and made it possible to put images in it. There are a few bugs though. For once, it can't handle images where the width and height aren't the same.

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Looks great Smile And you seem to like the algorithm quite a lot, giving it this much attention Smile
Only the UI part is somewhat lacking, there's no instructions, no description of the choices etc. - it's a good PoC, but not a good end-product. Of course, as a toy, anything goes.
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I love the algorithmTongue. I had the idea that you can put an existing image in it for a while but never had the time to execute it Undecided I just quickly hacked it in, so it doesn't really look good at the moment Wink

I was also curious if I could use a similar approach to generate a heightmap. I want to test that out tomorrow.
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A heightmap generated by this, plus some minor post-processing, is what the Steppy generator does.
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I tested clang UB and it shows warnings.
src/Noise/Noise.h:225:16: runtime error: signed integer overflow: 511 * 1423092208 cannot be represented in type 'int'
src/Noise/Noise.h:236:9: runtime error: left shift of negative value -2052869158

Don't know if they are a problem or not.
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That might produce a portability issue (different terrain generated on different platforms for the same config / seed), but in general it shouldn't affect the server stability. It could be fixed, probably, with a ton of reinterpret_cast between int and unsigned, but I don't think it's worth the trouble now.
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But hey, that's a great tool. Does it report anything else besides the Noise subsystem?
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Played a little around and it shows warnings in Noise, ComposableGenerator, CompoGen and Tracer, division by zero. Most warnings about negative shift and integer overflow.
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Clang has many nice tools http://clang.llvm.org/docs/index.html.
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Created a new branch in pycraft to ddos the server with commands in-game.
Branch: https://github.com/Seadragon91/pyCraft/t...s_commands

Setup server:
1. Use webadmin to add the players (bot1 to bot 5) and set the rank from them to Admin
2. Deactivate authentication
3. Run the python file run.py

Currently I have a few assertions, verify warnings and access to objects that are nullptr.

I think this is a good start to find problems with commands in-game.
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