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Sounds great. Is there any way we could automate that into the CI, so that such tests are run for each PR?

Maybe instead of branching in the pyCraft repo itself, you could make it a submodule in your own repo that would contain the testing code that uses pyCraft as a library.
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Wish me luck, in the evening we're performing an exhibition dance with friends, I'm already nervousTongue
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Best of luck!
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Good luck!
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Well, that was exciting. Almost all of my actual dance teachers showed up for the event, I did not expect them. Made me so much nervous, knowing that they will watch me specifically Smile But in the end it was okay, I think everyone enjoyed the show. Hopefully the video they recorded will be up shortly, so I can finally see what it looked like Smile
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It's always the same spam content, it at least the same hostname that is linked to.

Can't you, say, add a blacklist for a few hosts, if you link to those it's considered spam? (maybe, to go around it you need to have at least two thanks or so +P)
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No, the spam domains are different each time. Of course the ideal solution would be to auto-ban upon posting an URL in a first message, but I can't find any option for that in the control panel.
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I created a Chat message builder  and use the function cPlayer:SendMessageRaw to send the json stringBig Grin 

- color
- run / suggest command
- open url
- show text if mouse is over it

Maybe someone wants to take the challenge and recreate it in c++ Tongue .

I had a nice recursion problem. I forgot to make two variables in a for loop local, they had the same name  Rolleyes
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So if you want to see yours truly in the exhibition, here's a preliminary video, unedited Smile
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I've always wondered how long it takes to practice this. Especially to make everyone be in sync with each other.
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