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That part is, even once we find a house it is going to take 6-8 weeks for everything to finish and then we still got to move.
Paper work stuff takes ages.

We are also trying to stay close to some family.
Though probably not as close as we are now, as we are also moving as the neighborhood is going more downhill.
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Ugh, it seems I will have much trouble getting internet at the new house. The Gallery server is in danger of having no connectivity.
All the local xDSL ISPs say that there's no way to connect; all my neighbors have 100Mbps capability, but zero for me. There doesn't seem to be any local wireless provider at all. The only ISP that says "yes we can do that" is the terrible O2 conglomerate, who are glad to offer their poor 20/2 connection for the same price that all the other ISPs charge for 100/10. And I need public IPv4, which comes at about 1 EUR / month from a normal ISP, yet O2 charges 10 EUR / month. Yuck!Tongue

I hope the neighbors are friendly and that they will let me share their xDSL connection (and cost), hopefully the benefit of having someone IT-educated take care of their "internet" will sway them Smile
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Oh wow, that is even worse then most mobile isp's give.
I hope the new place i might be moving to still taking care of paper work and what not.
Will have the same speeds, its not to far and i am pretty sure same provider is available there, cause atm i got 500/40
Though if they have fiber there it might be nice, but not quite needed.
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Wow, so much new life.... In multiple ways it seems.

Congraz, Good Luck and most importantly, Have Fun you two ?
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Aaaaaand 1.13 refactor is postponed. A friend introduced me to Oxygen Not Included ( https://www.klei.com/games/oxygen-not-included ) . I'm hooked Sad
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The forum templates have now been upgraded properly (thanks @sphinxc0re Smile). If any oddities appear, contact me.
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Monday all paperwork for house should be finished bank agreed with the mortgage should be getting keys 7 feb Smile.
And my daughter was born yesterday bit early but healthy that's all that matters soBig Grin
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Congratulations! Smile
We signed the house papers this week, if we're lucky we might even get the keys next week.
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Oh that's sweet, it takes a bit for us, the sellers are in a divorce.
So that asked for a extension the woman seems to have found a place but not the guy.
So have to wait a bit, but it is fine, cause it gives us a bit of time to get used to having a baby in the house.
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Nice idea Smile And though not out of the box configurable, Cuberite's worldgen could be modified in a way to support this in a stitch-less fashion Smile

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